Caboose                                                                                                                                           Purchased

LGB Bobber caboose painted for Christmas                                                                                     12-16-93

Lionel Damaged Red Caboose purchased for line side structure                                                         11-02-95

C-11  Aristo (42109) ex B&O Long Steel style Painted Blue in Co. Scheme                                     11-03-95

C-12 Bachman Red Center Copola style lettered for Suleski Trans                                                    12-07-95

C-10  USA R-12000 (Ordered 7-95) Grey Long wood style Painted for MoW                                03-01-96

Christmas Caboose 96                                                                                                                     12-18-96

Conrail Extended Vision


Box Cars                                                                                                                                           Purchased

State of Maine     USA R1960                                                                                                                     11/93

Southern Rail Box     USA R1919                                                                                                               11/93

Boston & Maine      USA R1971                                                                                                                 11/93

Conrail Blue (w/ Ro Sound)     USA R1901                                                                                           12-25-94

USA R1987 Burlington Northern                                                                                                    02-22-94

USA R1970 Maine Central                                                                                                             02-22-94

Southern Rail Box (w/ EOT Light installed)  USA R1919                                                                       02-26-94

USA R1971 Boston & Maine                                                                                                           02-26-94

USA R1975 Western Pacific                                                                                                         11-21-94

USA STAR Western Maryland                                                                                                      11-21-94

USA R19012 Canadian Pacific                                                                                                      11-21-94

Maine Central (relettered for Halloween)   USA R1970                                                                         01-24-95

2-USA R19002 Conrail Brown                                                                                                         02-05-95

USA R1968 Union Pacific                                                                                                                02-05-95

USA R1919 Southern Rail Box                                                                                                          03-28-95

USA R1971 Boston & Maine relettered for Suleski Trans                                                                06-16-95

USA Painted for 11th National Garden Railroad Convention                                                           07-28-95

USA R19021 Burlington Northern Rail Box                                                                                      08-16-95

USA Great Northern Car w/ Mass Doors                                                                                         11-17-96

USA R1968 Union Pacific                                                                            01-18-96

USA R1964 Santa Fe Red                                                                           03-20-96

USA R19031 New Haven                                                                              09-11-96

USA R19035 Southern Pacific Hydra Cushion                                                11-01-96

USA R19030 Western Pacific                                                             12-25-96

USA R1972 Red Union Pacific w/ Mass Doors                                       02-20-97

USA R19021 Burlington Northern Rail Box                                                      02-20-97

USA Painted for 13th National Garden Railway Convention                   4/94

USA R1960 State of Maine (Red White & Blue)                            07-04-97

USA R349027 Chessie Steel Door                                                    07-18-97

ARISTO Boston & Maine                                                               08-18-97

USA R19064 Boston & Maine                                       01-31-99

USA R19065 Bangor & Aroostook                                            01-31-99

USA R19066 Bangor & Aroostook                                            01-31-99

USA Maine Central (MEC)                                                             01-31-99

ARISTO 43750 Operation Lifesafer Car                            02-18-99

Aristo 2nd Annual ECLSTS Boxcar

USA R19208C CSX 40 Boxcar Grey

USA R19217C Boston & Maine 40 Boxcar

USA R19206C Chessie 40 Boxcar

USA R19204C New Haven 40 Boxcar

USA R19208A CSX 50 Double door Boxcar

USA R19317B Boston & Maine 50 Double door Boxcar




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